And I Sent It On Its Way...

We are all on a journey. This thought smacked me in the face last January on a brisk morning as I was out for a run. As I ran along a hilltop, I watched a shiny green star shaped balloon bounce along on the breeze just above the newly sprouting earth. As I got closer the balloon wedged itself between two rocks, and swayed in place, stuck tight. Instead of running by, I stopped, freed the balloon and watched for a moment as it continued. Its journey wasn’t over, not yet anyway, and who knows where it was headed. I instagrammed my green balloon, and thought this story would be a great way to kick off a new blog.


Now procrastination and life can get in the way of a journey (and of running or other exercise for that matter!) This blog was supposed to start last year, but the balloon was stuck. Stuck fast between several rocks- family, photography, editing, "never enough time," "I'll get to it tomorrow" etc. The nice thing about a journey though, is that things happen as they are supposed to. 2013 was an amazing year full of all kinds of milestones and adventures in my photographic journey.

2014 looks to be just as promising, and now- this little blog- is part of the journey as well. Looking forward to sharing stories that go along with the photo sessions, and memories- that I capture along the way!