Katie Moffitt

Photography has always fascinated me. There is a magical quality in the ability to freeze time that hasn't left me even as the modern age of technology has taken the art to a casual constant of everyday life for most. As my favorite quote by Henry David Thoreau states so well, "the question is not what you look at, but what you see." I "see" through my lens and strive to capture what makes us the unique individuals we are.

Since the gift of a camera about the age of 10, I've always had one by my side. In those days, film came in a roll and was limited to 12 or 24 shots. Each click of the shutter required deliberate thought as it meant being one shot closer to the end of the roll, and at least a babysitting job or two for more film and photo processing! Oh how things have changed. Digital = freedom, but I still strive to capture something meaningful with every click!

Recent background includes seven years shooting commercial stock photography as well as a focus on newborn, children, and lifestyle imagery.

Sacramento, Placer County & Surrounding Areas

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